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The Breakfast Jury

One cold December night in 1998 a man poisons his wife with anti-freeze, exacting revenge for a long-gone affair and freeing himself for an affair of his own. It's a cold-blooded act, shocking the small community of Kenosha, WI.

It  also turns into the longest murder trial in state history. After more than six weeks, the jury delivers a guilty verdict on all counts, sending the defendant to life in prison. In the process they go from complete strangers to something more than friends, bonded by an experience few other people will encounter.

Now, one year later, as the jurors regroup to celebrate justice delivered, the ghost of vengeance rears its ugly head. They fall violently ill, foreman succumbing to a death that looks suspiciously like antifreeze poisoning.

Disgraced detective Archibald White is recruited to find out what really happened, his chance at redemption.

What he uncovers goes far beyond an act of revenge for sentencing an accused murderer to prison.

Available 2024
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