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It's been nearly six months since I left the workforce and launched myself into retirement land. I figured I'd write some books, work on some cars and day drink.

Those all happened, along with the advent of Midwest Writers Room.

That's right, yet another podcast, because there just aren't enough floating around. 

Co-hosted with luminary friend Luella Schmidt (hint: the one without glasses), we delve into the lives of Midwestern Writers.


These are the authors that hear cows lowing in a foggy field at 5am. Or know the July buzz of insects in a field of corn. They grew up with chores and seasonal patterns and dusty boots, touching nature in every aspect of their existence. And those are the themes infecting their words.


The podcast name may make more sense now.


So, if you’ve ever wondered what a writer’s life is like, how they develop story ideas and what routines they follow to produce a book, check out the Midwest Writers Room. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app and spread the word.


Civic Duty and all that


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